He’s Done With Speech Therapy… So Why Am I Not Cheering?

So, this is odd. Here, we fill out a form to look into Sensory Processing Disorder, and come out not only without a consensus there, but now not even speech therapy. I feel almost like a hypochondriac, or I guess it would be more of what, Munchhausen by Proxy here?

I mean, it’s good. I’m glad he’s met all the goals in speech that they set when they redid his plan last year, but at the same time, I don’t think he’s ready to be done. He’s almost 8 and still can’t pronounce his name, struggles to speak in clear sentences and maintain a train of thought so that sentence can be completed. I’ve heard his friends talk — this isn’t normal for his age. So while I’m glad they feel he’s not needing their services anymore, I feel like he still does, and so it’s hard for me to celebrate his “graduation” from speech when to me it feels more like he lost the help he desperately needed, rather than celebrating him no longer needing it.

I was almost excited when we learned about Sensory Processing Disorder. Not because I WANT something to be wrong with my son, of course, but because it explained so much: ADHD often gets diagnosed when the issue is SPD, it said. Inability to sense when clothing is askew, body is dirty, etc. the things said. Emotionally issues, struggling with speech and speech comprehension, struggles interacting appropriately with peers… it’s all listed there in one neat package. I thought… I guess I thought that if almost all his issues fell under one title, that then that meant it would be easier to address them all at once, and we’d at least have a good direction to follow.

But when putting my evaluation form next to the teacher’s, they said the only thing they see is disorganization and poor social skills. So, out of any therapy he goes, and I’m left feeling like rather than celebrating, I should instead be rushing him to a pediatrician to get another occupational therapist to evaluate him again. I get that his teachers see him during the day, but I can’t help but feel like their opinion, when they’ve known him for 3 months, shouldn’t weigh as heavily as mine, who has parented him for 7 years.

And I hear this coming out of my fingertips, and I feel like I’m crazy. I feel like the weird mom who WANTS something to be wrong with her kid, who is telling all the experts they’re wrong, who is somehow just a crappy parent and that’s the reason for the problems.

So I’ll make him his special celebratory treat and praise him for the work he’s put into speech, but I can’t help but think back to when he was 2 and we decided since he was “borderline” in need of help then, that we’d skip it since he seemed to be making good strides, only to be bit in the butt a few years later when it became obvious he really should have gone into therapy after all.

I’m supposed to be happy here, right? Why am I not?


As if I don’t have enough to do…

In an effort to make more money, I’m adding one more location to my writing:

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Oh joy of joys. I’ll add to it when I have free time. You know, like the free time I use to write here too.

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How a Simple Outing Turns Me Into a Giant, Naked, Nipple-Covered Boob

My parents will likely find this entire post absolutely hilarious, and the word “PAYBACK!” will likely cross their minds, but Oh. My. God. Rowan never stops talking!

It’s just seriously amazing how he can literally talk for a good 30-40 minutes straight, almost non-stop, inserting a ton of , “Oh, Mommy…” and “Just to let you know…”, and ending EVERY statement with, “Right, Mommy?” in which I’m expected to reply.

This week’s conversation started out simple enough… we have two indoor playgrounds we frequent. Imagination Station is geared towards smaller kids, and in fact, 6 years old is the upper age limit. PlayALatte is much more “bigger kid” friendly, so we try to alternate between the two so both kids get to have time to really explore in a place suited more for them. Rowan said he prefers PlayALatte… and then the talking started…

Please remember, I’m trapped in the car, driving, unable to distract him or escape this entire time.

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A Medley of Aurora’s Messes

Aurora is earning quite the reputation for being an extreme troublemaker, and it seems like every single day I’m presented with a new mess.

Rowan was always a calmer child, and much less extroverted. He often looked for approval before doing a lot of things or testing new waters, so it was easy to head off behaviors that were… less than desirable.

From food, to paint, though, Aurora is adventurous, and seems to take mess-making as a personal challenge, always looking to up the ante. She acts first, then laughs when caught. Much like the UPS guys when they’ve dropped off a package and lept back in their truck and driven away before you can open your front door, Aurora seems to move at light-speed when you’re not looking, and before you know it, she’s covered in or torn apart something, or climbed to new heights… literally. I figure it’s worth having a post solely dedicated to her messes — so far. There are bound to be sequels.

I hope you enjoy… or at least pity me a little. Continue reading

Yet Another Mom Writing About Her Kids…

Yes, that’s what I am. Yet another mother who thinks her children are interesting, funny, witty and worth reading about.

Every time I speak to my grandmother and mention something one of my children has done, first she asks if I’ve made a baby book, and then she scolds me for saying no. Somehow I had the idea that Facebook status updates would be sufficient, but have you ever tried searching for a status you wrote? Even one yesterday? It’s futile.

My parents live far away, or I suppose you could say I do, since I moved with my Navy husband, and they’re actually internet-savvy, so we utilize the web to keep in touch. However, I also use Facebook and Twitter for networking for my blog and job (which is, um, also blogging). I don’t figure they all want to read every tiny detail, so what better than to have a THIRD blog to write for?

So, I have this pipe-dream to utilize this blog not only as a way to explain situations and my children in a little more detail, but also to be a stand-in for the baby book that may never be assembled until my children no longer live at home and frankly, probably won’t even care. Continue reading