A Medley of Aurora’s Messes

Aurora is earning quite the reputation for being an extreme troublemaker, and it seems like every single day I’m presented with a new mess.

Rowan was always a calmer child, and much less extroverted. He often looked for approval before doing a lot of things or testing new waters, so it was easy to head off behaviors that were… less than desirable.

From food, to paint, though, Aurora is adventurous, and seems to take mess-making as a personal challenge, always looking to up the ante. She acts first, then laughs when caught. Much like the UPS guys when they’ve dropped off a package and lept back in their truck and driven away before you can open your front door, Aurora seems to move at light-speed when you’re not looking, and before you know it, she’s covered in or torn apart something, or climbed to new heights… literally. I figure it’s worth having a post solely dedicated to her messes — so far. There are bound to be sequels.

I hope you enjoy… or at least pity me a little.

This particular incident involved a rock that had been painted with (thankfully non-toxic) paint as a headstone for Rowan’s dead fish. Because the fish dissolved, our “coffin” (an eyedrops box) actually had a bean in it, so forgetting about the actual burial was pretty easy. I didn’t want to put anything outside until I’d sealed the rock so the paint didn’t run in the rain, but Aurora got to it first, and chew on it. Um… pretty?

This, would be oatmeal. Rowan left his bowl on the kitchen table, on the edge, before going to school and before I could clean it up, it was discovered.

This would of course be blue chalk. Coloring one minute, and eating the next.

Dirt and snot, the traditional kid recipe.

This was another incident of brother’s oatmeal getting into the wrong hands. I just stuck her in her highchair with it, and she took great liberties with it.

The key to smooth, soft baby skin is obviously to randomly grab a handful of your Greek Gods Honey Greek Yogurt and smear it on your face. See? Works for her!

Marker… arguably the least disastrous mess of all, though one of the more difficult to remove.

And there you have it — these are the pictures I currently have access to that detail the messes I’ve managed to photograph. You can thank me for not being one of the mothers who photographs her child smeared in poop, though fortunately, that also hasn’t happened here (KNOCK ON WOOD) and don’t worry — even if it does, I will NOT be taking a picture.

You gotta draw a line somewhere.


Edited to add:

My mom just reminded me I forgot one… looked over and saw this and thought it was something a lot worse than what it really was — Rowan’s hot chocolate.


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