Yet Another Mom Writing About Her Kids…

Yes, that’s what I am. Yet another mother who thinks her children are interesting, funny, witty and worth reading about.

Every time I speak to my grandmother and mention something one of my children has done, first she asks if I’ve made a baby book, and then she scolds me for saying no. Somehow I had the idea that Facebook status updates would be sufficient, but have you ever tried searching for a status you wrote? Even one yesterday? It’s futile.

My parents live far away, or I suppose you could say I do, since I moved with my Navy husband, and they’re actually internet-savvy, so we utilize the web to keep in touch. However, I also use Facebook and Twitter for networking for my blog and job (which is, um, also blogging). I don’t figure they all want to read every tiny detail, so what better than to have a THIRD blog to write for?

So, I have this pipe-dream to utilize this blog not only as a way to explain situations and my children in a little more detail, but also to be a stand-in for the baby book that may never be assembled until my children no longer live at home and frankly, probably won’t even care.

That picture above would be my family. Imagine that. SURPRISE!

The people who are the focus of this blog deserve a little more of an introduction:

Rowan. He is 6-1/2 right now, and an awesome kid. He had GERD as an infant which made our first year rather tough, as he was pretty much attached to my breast non-stop to soothe his poor throat, and his father was usually deployed — especially difficult when you live across the country from any family or friends. He’s always maintained a very introverted nature, but a big desire to understand and influence the world around him. He loves fighting with sticks more than anything else in the universe and that has been true for years now. He’s in first grade and fantastic at reading, though not so hot in math (just like his mom). He’s never had much of an interest in age-appropriate toys, and even now that holds true as he hates coloring and tries to finish it as quickly as possible… which when you’re in first grade, becomes a problem, since you’re required to color a LOT. Rowan is a Taurus, and boy is it accurate. He is incredibly stubborn and has quite the opinion, and we have a very hard time convincing him that despite his logic, we get final say. He’s compassionate, emotional, sweet and loving.

Aurora. She’s currently almost 18 months old, and she is amazing. She is vivacious, outgoing, energetic and non-stop trouble. The antics of this girl are hilarious and vast. She learned to climb rather young, and doesn’t hesitate to explore new things. She thinks mess-making is an art, and her body is a canvas. She eats everything she can find, including coffee grounds from the trash with a spoon. She has always had a mind of her own and is very loving and sweet, but can be incredibly tiring and I often worry for her safety since she is as adventurous and outgoing as can be — she likes to ask stranger men to pick her up and for hugs from random women. I don’t know what I’ve gotten into here, but I will say this — everything I thought I’d gotten right with Rowan has proved to have just been sheer luck. Aurora taught me that lesson well.

We also have an Egyptian Mau kitty, Isis, who will most definitely make the random appearance or mention. She’s our gorgeous and soft kitty, and the most tolerate pet anyone could ever ask for, sometimes to her own detriment.

If you’re bored, go away now. šŸ™‚ It’s not going to get better.


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