Learn More About Me

My name is Christie, and I’m a mom. Shocker, I’m sure. My guess is you’re reading here to find out more about me.

I’m a mother to two children — Rowan and Aurora. They’re about five years apart, and we are complete content being done reproducing at this point, though a doctor I saw tried to convince me otherwise.

I grew up in a Pagan household, and I feel like I have a unique perspective on a lot of tolerance and religious issues as a result, which makes me especially touchy when I see discrimination against any religion, but especially Paganism. There were quite a few instances where being a Pagan child worked against me, and it’s my personal mission to make sure that my kids, and hopefully other peoples’ kids, don’t have to go through half of what I did.

I also was accepted into a trial program for fourth grade called the ‘S.A.I.L.’ program (Student-centered Academic Interdisciplinary Lab) — the goal, of course, was to help encourage auto-didactic kids to continue learning at accelerated rates, and instill a drive for success. It backfired horribly, and ended up creating a lot of high school drop-outs and incredibly smart kids who despised school of any kind, but choosing instead to take their own education into their own hands. So in addition to being incredibly conscious of religion issues, I also am very active in my kids’ education and want to encourage them to learn, but fight against things that could damage the inherit desire to be auto-didactic, which I believe children are naturally born with.

I never realized before becoming a mother how seriously I would take the gig, but much like anything else I’ve attempted in my life, I like being as factual as possible, and always having multiple reasons for everything I do. I take personal pride in my auto-didactic nature in and out of my parenting knowledge, and find that helping other moms to find good information and make the best decision they can is rewarding, just knowing another mother can be confident in her choices, not because she’s been placated with the ‘Everyone tries their best’ lie, but because she KNOWS she’s doing the best she can with the information she has available.

I love tattoos, piercings, and have quite a few of the latter and not nearly enough of the former. I really don’t care much about style, and I will show up in jammie pants to pick up my kid from school — at least they’re clean jammie pants. I work from home, doing contracted freelance writing for CafeMom.com’s online “magazine”, “The Stir”, so my work clothes are my Homer zombie PJ pants. I’m trying to get my hands on some Pajama Jeans that don’t give a terrible case of muffin top.

I’m a huge animal lover and only have one cat (an Egyptian Mau named Isis) because my husband would murder me if I brought home an animal without discussing it with him — and by that, I mean him telling me no. I’ve always grown up with animals, from rats and hamsters, to rabbits, dogs, cats and turtles. I think PETA are a bunch of crazy psychos who don’t provide any solutions to the problems they fight against, much like a lot of politicians I could name.

I’m liberal, and much to the benefit of the stereotype, also love my lattes. I’m a huge fan of both coffee and tea, and am likely addicted to them, but it’s an addiction I’m okay with.

I’m sure I’m leaving out some very descriptive things about me, but I can’t figure out what, so I’m just going to say thank you for checking out my personal blog, and I hope you check out some of my other work as well!